inspiring conferences

Change mindset, Fearlessness, Post-COVID leadership, Female leadership, new ways of working, self-leadership and determination

inspiring conferences


Change mindset, NO Fear, Post-COVID leadership, Feminine leadership, new ways of working, self-leadership and determination

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National Management Award and Top 100 Female Leader, she has been recognized as one of the best speakers in the Hispanic market and has given more than 2,000 conferences in 21 countries since 2001.

An international expert in leadership development, change mentality and NoFear, she has published seven books and guided over 300 organizations in transformation processes and talent development.

About me

Entrepreneur, writer and speaker.

Executive President and founder of the consulting firm Be-Up, writer and lecturer, she has published several best-sellers translated into six languages and with more than 250,000 copies sold.

She has helped more than 134,000 people in leadership development and change through his conferences and workshops. A regular contributor to El País, her blog has reached 3.2 million readers a year. Business school professor.

She has received 21 awards for her work. She is the regional director in Washington, DC of the Women Hispanic Executive Association, an organization committed to promoting gender equality at work.

Photograph of Pilar Jerico in a conference before the public

A Doctor in Business Organization and an Economist, Pilar Jericó has specialized in strategy at Harvard University, organizational behavior studies at UCLA University, and leadership and values at West Point. Pilar is also a mother


Some of Pilar Jericó’s outstanding conferences:

“Failure and Fear” Womenalia

How to deal with changes | TEDxGranVia

JERICO PILLAR – Inspiration

Pillar Jerico | Expert Minds

JERICO PILLAR – Inspiration

How to develop people and their talent in companies

Some customers:

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“A transformation does not take place if you do not also change your mentality and your habits”


“After more than 25 years in human resources and talent leadership positions at WW HR, I can say that it is not so easy to find such a unique profile. I arrived in Spain about two years ago and began collaborating with Pilar and the Company she presides over on a series of high-level consulting projects.»

Jose Conejos

25+ years of experience in top WW HR, Talent and OD leading roles, in companies like HP, Nokia, Credit Suisse

«I really admire in Pilar how she combines 3 main roles in 1: management guru, writer and keynote speaker. These three ingredients make it the best cocktail for the development of organizations and they always grow based on people.”

Oscar Masso

Senior executive in Marketing, communication, sales, e-commerce, digital digital transformation.

«Pilar has been key in my professional career. We have worked together for the last three and a half years, where I was part of their team as Creative Director. Working with Pilar has been an enormously motivating experience. She has the ability to bring out the best in her teams, guiding and monitoring”

Jose Castillo Rivas

UX/UI Team Leader and Design Chapter Leader at Vodafone

Some awards

Awards and outstanding prizes awarded to pilar jerico ES

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A Podcast for Developing a Change Mindset in Uncertain Times

Life doesn’t walk, it runs, and with it comes change. Are you afraid of them? You shouldn’t. In this podcast, I talk about how to get your hopes up and deal with those unexpected turns so you can take advantage of them.



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